Wednesday, June 19, 2024

About Us

Israel Netball is the official governing body of our favourite sport in Israel and, as full members of the International Netball Federation (INF) and Netball Europe (NE), is very active in the international netball community. 

Our objectives are to promote and encourage the development of the game of netball in Israel, to protect the interests of the game and to work for improved facilities.
The organisation is run by a group of dedicated volunteers:
Judy Aknin, President
Carol Levin, Treasurer
Robyn Ginsberg, Secretary
Club coordinators:
Kfar Etzion: Racheli Komar
Jerusalem Mercaz: Tanya Pomson
JTown: Shan Berman and Alexi Schapiro
Modi'in: Rebecca Cox
Ra'anana: Keren Gordon
Tel Aviv: Roni Kresner
Katamon: Ilanit Lieberman
In addition, our netball development officer, Nomi Komar, works tirelessly to increase participation especially amongst our juniors.