Thursday, March 30, 2017

Help Israel Netball achieve greatness in the European Championships and Maccabi Games!

We are making every effort to build awareness of netball as a national Israeli women's sport where we compete in the name of Israel and proudly represent Women in Sport.

It's simple, all we ask is that you donate just a small amount 5, 10, 50 or 100 but more importantly that you pass on this request to at least 10 of your family and friends and ask them to do so too.

Let's use the power of the long, long, long tail of the Web to get more and more people believing that Israel Netball is alive and well and that we intend to grow as an organisation.

So please donate to MakeaChamp

Don't forget too that on Thursday April 6th we'll be holding the draw for our Raffle in Modi'in. Join us there for a fun netball evening.

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