Sunday, May 28, 2023

We are looking forward to taking part in the 2016 Challenge Cup of the Open Championships that will be held in Newcastle, England this month. The matches will be livestreamed so watch out for information on how you can support Israel's team!

Coach Laragh Widdess and Assistant Coach Lexi Schapiro put the candidates through a number of rigorous training sessions to help them decide which of our talented players would earn a coveted place on the national team.

These players have been selected:

Shoshana Berman
Maayan Eytan
Chani Komar
Nomi Komar
Lara Krasnostein
Tzlil Kupchik
Michal Lieberman
Sivan Nahshon
Tracy Pauwen
Tal Segev
Talya Sterman

We hope to beat our rivals who will be Malta, Gibraltar, Switzerland and the Republic of Ireland. Teams from Grenada and the US will also be competing.